"I had a great experience with Michael in buying my first house. he was trustworthy and during my process i felt he was on my side and he is advocating me. He kept his clients as priority and always communicated with me professionally from the start to the end. he is gold solid of an agent."

- Ehsan

"Michael knew how to get the most value out of my home and it showed. The home sold in under three days for well above asking price. Michael kept me updated throughout the escrow process and has stayed in touch to assist me with fixing up the home we just bought."

- Eric

"A big thank you to Michael and his team! Buying a home for the first time can be an overwhelming process, however, Michael explained the process very well, kept me informed, and is a great listener. Furthermore, he is friendly, responsive, honest and sets real expectations which I all appreciate. If you are a first-time home buyer or not, I highly recommend Michael."

- Tina

"Michael is extremely professional, honest, upfront and an extraordinary broker that helped us find the right house in Bellevue. We were first time home buyers and over a few sessions he patiently listened to us to find out what exactly we were looking for. And after that he was extremely communicative and easy to reach to answer any of our questions at all times. He was always available to meet us and show us a property, no matter where it was. As he rightfully claimed throughout the process, his first priority was to protect our money instead of just getting us a home, and with his brilliant strategy and expertise, although there were competing offers we ended up buying our desired home. Thank you Michael, for everything you've done for us, we wouldn't be this happy in our new home if it wasn't for you."

- Neda

"I cannot say enough great things about ‘our’ Real Estate Broker Michal Etezadi, with Windermere Real Estate. Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. A journey that is fraught with research and requires ample level of trust. With a winning agent like Michael Etezadi, it happens! It is even an outstanding process when you trust the agent you are working with. Michael’s success exudes confidence and competence. He understands the real estate market and listens to his clients. Michael conveys an image of professionalism that inspired us to have continued confidence in his abilities. He was dependable, reliable, and showed initiative and considerations for the seller’s agent as well as us. This only inspired more trust that we had the right agent with Michael. A thank you seems like such a small token for all of his help with buying our home. Michael made the process stress-free, such a pleasure, and easy to understand. We so appreciated his patience and expertise. Michael’s insight was extremely valuable to us, and we could not have done this without him. Michael did a wonderful job supporting us, was extremely responsive, provided good advice, and was a huge help. Thanks, this seems so simple compared to Michael’s fantastic help and involvement Providing a reference for Michael Etezadi is one of the easiest things I have ever done! Michael is an experienced and driven Real Estate Broker with a proven track record of turning client dreams into realities. He is passionate, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable about real estate procedures, laws, and trends. Highly productive and organized, striving to provide the best service to clients possible. Bringing forth strong multitasking skills, and a positive attitude seeking to always assist. Michael is committed to achieving client success and satisfaction every step of the way. Has the ability to win clients, guiding them through inception to close. Michael’s exemplary talents included educating on the sales and buying process and advised us with many decisions. Because of Michael’s strong attention to detail, well-developed communication skills, and excellent time management abilities he coordinated logistics, documentation, and scheduled appointments so that details were not missed. Michael Etezadi is a phenomenal agent. From day one thorough out entire buying process he was there to the end!"

- Jo Elle

"Our family to work with Michael to sell their home in WA. The home was in need of significant updates in order to get it market ready. Michael stepped in early on to help assess and prioritize the top updates needed to bring the highest value potential. Knowing we had constraints with budget he assured us he would help take the reins and oversee things. He handled sourcing bids, communicating with contractors/vendors, selecting materials, and coordinating timely completion. He served as the project manager for the entire project. His attention to detail and professional manner was very apparent throughout the project. Not only that but he really made us feel at ease and took a huge amount of stress off their shoulders. He was there at the house/jobsite daily, usually multiple times per day meeting with contractors and overseeing the progress/completion of work. He even helped with the move out and many other hands on tasks including demo/rebuilding of the back deck. As far as budget and resources to fund the needed improvements Michael’s company offered a special program which provided upfront funds which would be recuperated at the closing of the home/escrow. Michael even pulled in resources when necessary to ensure everything was set up to meet the needs of his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. His communication, attention to detail, and willingness to step in and do whatever it takes to make the process seamless and support his clients makes him stand out beyond words. We are grateful for all he did and are now successfully onto the next exciting chapter thanks to Michael."

- Anne

"Michael was very professional while helping me buy my first home. He was patient, caring, and his area knowledge made the process seamless. He was always available for questions and would address them promptly. You feel like you’re working with a business partner who’s invested in this process with you instead of an agent who’s just looking at their bottom line. He is highly recommended and made my experience buying my first home fantastic. I will recommend him to everyone."

- Ben

"Michael is more than THE BEST broker throughout every step in the lifetime experience to buy my home. There are not enough words to describe how much I recommend Michael! Michael takes the time to know what you are looking for, always available, in my case explained me so many basic aspects of the process, steps and decisions that I would need to make when the time came to be so much more prepared to make the big decision. It’s beyond just finding you the home you are looking at, Michael cares and I was always first as a person for him wanting to make sure I could feel less stressed and have all the support I needed to find my next home for me and my loving pups, my family! When it was time to make an offer for the one I loved, his professional advice and personal help to make it competitive and with the perfect strategy was the key difference to make it happen. He knows the market, strong professional always connecting in the industry, and again always caring first for you as his client. Huge thanks Michael! We will have a happy home thanks to everything you have done for us."

- Claudia

"I am the proud father of the buyer who was involved in every step of this tumultuous process, way before obtaining Michael's services (yes in plural); full of challenges in today's housing market in dealing with difficult real estate and loan agents and the buying frenzy that reminds me of the cabbage-patch doll era. We started this journey with a family member who is a real estate agent and placed a few unsuccessful bids, before realizing (both the agent and us) that he was just not cut out for this market. My son and Michael have been best friends since grade school, so, when My son suggested to go with Michael I was reluctant, primarily due to my parental biases, and secondly, as a business owner for more than couple decades, being "overly driven", and the fact that I have high expectations demanding results. I was afraid that some sort of misunderstanding may arise and damage their relationship, and the fact that I still considered him the young college kid that I had seen last and not trusting his abilities. Oh Boy, was I wrong!!!??? From day one, his friendly, yet professional demeanor put my mind at ease. He was willing to go out of his way to accommodate our needs. I made a list of 10s of homes several times a week, and he came out willingly, tirelessly, and enthusiastically to show them and express his professional opinion about them. Additionally, he has thorough knowledge of the market, the trends, the myths, the bubble, and the realities on hand. He has a solid network of professionals in his arsenal who are integral parts of driving this endeavor home. He introduced us to a loan agent who was willing to perform, and he offered all the tools at his disposal through his RE company that proved essential to buying my son's ideal property. He was transparent and honest, yet blunt when needed to be. Every time I felt, he had performed far more than what I expected from an agent, he did things that elevated him even higher. He is genuine and he is real and he helps you buy/sell your property free from delusions that some buyers/sellers may have."


“ We cannot speak highly enough about our experience working with Michael. He went above and beyond in helping with every step in the process. From recommending renovations which would boost resale to helping coordinate contractors and even pressure washing our walk way and mowing/ watering our lawn when we were out of town. He is the most genuine and caring individual and treats his clients like family. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell we cannot recommend him enough.”

- Bill & Julie

"We recently sold our family home with Michael."

 "He took on the project management of preparing our house for sale after 16 years of wear, tear, kids and animals. He knows the market very well, gave great feedback, helped clearly explain all the details, and...what a sale negotiator!"

"Michael didn’t just vanish after the sale but has been there for us, helping us relocate to another state by acting as liaison with our realtor there. We have no doubt Michael will be a great partner to his next client, whom he will make his priority. We have a new friend in Michael!"

- Jamie & Saeed

"My husband and I made a quick decision to put our house on the market and wanted it up within three weeks. This was a very ambitious plan, but Michael made it happen. One of the most important aspects of the realtor/client relationship for me is responsiveness. I could reach out to Michael anytime, day or night, and know that he would respond immediately. Michael was there with us every step of the way, providing knowledge and support in every area. He helped us get workers to help with painting and meeting inspection needs, expertise on aspects of showing the property, and any number of other needs we had. The presentation was very professional and showed the property to perfection. He understood the emotional attachment we had to the property and was very respectful of our feelings. He negotiated the very best deal for us. I would recommend Michael in a heartbeat!"

- Cindy

"The first thing we tell people when they ask if we like our realtor is “We LOVE Michael” and we would recommend him enthusiastically to anyone looking for an agent. This process has gone much faster than we feared, thanks to his insight and recommendations. We feel he has been invaluable in educating us on buying in this market and in just eliciting our preferences. His approach I think is to give us experience in looking at a set of houses so we get a sharper sense of what we value in a house, and I think it’s really worked for us...we feel like this is the right house and buying situation for us, and Michael helped us immensely to find the right opportunity and put together the strongest offer for what we wanted."

- Julie & Kyle

"I cannot recommend Michael enough. Being a first time home buyer he had to walk me through all of the steps and was willing to do so each and every time. He was very responsive and always answered questions quickly. Throughout the negotiation process he hep negotiate a inspection credit and coordinated work with the listing agent, since the home was under warranty. We dealt with a very challenging listing agent and Michael always kept the my best interests in mind and always conducted himself professionally. I couldn’t recommend Michael enough, I will continue to use him for my future real estate transactions!"

- Eric

"BEST experience EVER. Hard working and Professional. Attentive to us and to the details. He organized the sale from top to bottom, beginning to end, and got us more than the asking price. Highly recommend Michael."

- Roya

"I cannot recommend Michael enough to anyone looking to buy or sell a house or condo. With his help, we managed go from offer to close on our new condo purchase in just 22 days! That included getting underwritten from scratch, inspection and appraisals done and also working with a seller living overseas. Throughout this process, Michael was always available for questions and always responded within a couple hours at most and quite often within just minutes of an email or text. He was always available to meet with us when we wanted and even trekked over to Seattle repeatedly to show us the unit “just one more time...”. He did all of this enthusiastically and never made us feel bad for asking too many questions or meeting us during the middle of Easter Sunday. If you select Michael as your agent, you will not regret it. He brings a wealth of resources from John L. Scott with him but what sets him apart is his attention to detail, his dedication to his clients, his proactive nature and treating you more like a friend than a client. He made the process even enjoyable at times which I never thought I’d say about the closing process! Michael is definitely the agent I’m calling when I’m ready to buy another property or sell one. He has our sincere thanks and full support as an agent we trust and recommend to others without hesitation. You can’t go wrong with Michael!"

- David & Ai-Lan

"Michael Etezadi is a pleasant real estate agent to work with. He never leaves any questions unanswered and immediately addresses his clients needs. Michael deserves the highest praise, I have and will continue to refer him to my family and friends. Super responsive, always straight with his clients, and attention to details. Michael is easy to work with. Treats everyone with up most patience. He is honest and through with necessary documentation."

- Jo

"Working with Michael has been an amazing experience and we couldn't have asked for anything better in how he represented us in buying our home. From the time we looked at the home to closing day, he was by our side ensuring everything would go smoothly. He is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, a great listener and genuinely cares about our wants and needs. Anytime day or night, he is always available and very quick to respond to any questions we may have. Michael is honest, someone you can completely trust and we felt he always looked out for our best interest. Can't thank you enough for all your guidance, support, hard work and most of all patience through it all. So glad to have you now as a friend. Thanks so much for helping us in getting our perfect home, we love it!! Look forward to working with you in selling our old home and have complete confidence that you will do an exceptional job. Definitely HIGHLY recommend Michael for anyone. :)"

- Holly & Brad

"I used Michael to sell a very difficult house - probably one of the most challenging of his career to date. It was a great house, but the layout was more suited to smart, childless couples than mainstream nuclear families. He did an amazing job - despite the market grinding to a halt in Q4, obnoxious buyers with completely unreasonable repair demands ("please replace all the straps hanging your water pipes in the crawlspace because we don't like the building code standards from when the house was built?!"), several flaky buyers agents, and a lot of work coordination with unreliable subcontractors, cleaners, stagers, etc, Michael stood through it all and put a lot of extra blood (literally...), sweat, and tears into the project. We finally found the right buyers with a good buyer's agent after he ran numerous open houses, produced amazing marketing materials, and really worked hard for his portion of the sales commission. I've known Michael a long time; full disclosure: he's my cousin. That said, this is my fourth house and he's worked harder and gone further than any agent I've ever used. I'd be impressed even if he wasn't family. What makes it all the more impressive is that he _is_ family. There was no skating by on this one...he rocked it. I'd use him again - and I'd send my friends to him. He's building long term relationships and trust, and that goes a long way in this business!"

- Cameron

"Michael exceeded all my expectations! I would HIGHLY recommend him. I had been looking for a home for a long time with very little direction and a lot of hesitation on what I really wanted. Michael was extremely patient, attentive to helping me hone in on my needs and overall made the otherwise daunting process fun and enjoyable. When I finally found "the one" he immediately made a 4 hour drive from his previously communicated plans to ensure we did not miss the opportunity. I got the house under listing and it appraised over what I paid in an otherwise hot market. The sellers agent was not easy to work with and not in the country at the time so Michael went above and beyond to negotiate and communicate with an otherwise difficult agent. I could not be happier with the home and although I am happy to now be in my dream home I will miss working with Micheal. His expertise, patience, non-pressure style and overall calm demeanor made this the best experience."

- Michelle

"Excellent realtor! Recommend without hesitation. Fully dedicated to us throughout the entire process, directed with all activity, calming demeanor, professional and knowledgeable, high level of integrity, relationship builder who really wanted to know us and fully understand our needs and desires, immediate response and follow up to all our calls/inquiries. Sold 2 homes for us above our asking prices with strong, clean offers. The first house sold in 1 day and the 2nd within 2 weekends. Combined thorough knowledge of our market with complete understanding of our needs and prioritized for maximum results. We have bought and sold many homes in our past. M. Etezadi is the best realtor we have ever selected."

- Gerry & Dana

"Michael exceeded my expectations while helping me sell my house. He has an extensive knowledge of the local housing market and did an excellent job marketing my home for the greatest return. He is an effective communicator with a friendly, yet professional attitude. Selling a house is a stressful process; it's extremely important to have a supportive agent whom you can trust to take care of all the details and follow through. I never had to worry because Michael responds quickly and worked very hard to make this house sale as easy as possible for me. My house was listed Thursday, I received seven great offers, and the house was sold the next Monday for $80,000 over the list price, with very favorable terms. I have purchased and sold seven houses, and Michael was far and away these best and most thorough agents I've used. I have no hesitation recommending him highly."

- Nicki

"He does love the adventures life brings. My home search brought things that looked like road blocks. I did not stress bc the comfort of seeing Michael and the lender Jodi Barber in action pummel down anything that looked obligations and made getting a home possible. Plus they took off the worry I had with other teams I worked with. In fact, my experience belief me to look back and see that the other ppl I had was not giving me genuine service. This team made me feel like family who cares."

- Elona

"Michael Etezadi went over and above finding me a place he knew excactly what I was wanting and help me find the perfect place. I would Highly recommend him."

- Loretta

"Michael is an amazing real estate agent. He helped me and my family through the process of selling our old home and buying our current home. He was so attentive and represented my family's interests to the fullest extent possible. He truly believes that the relationship between agent and client doesn't stop after the sale is made. I see him not as just my real estate agent, but as a family friend. It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet and work with him. I highly recommend this agent."

- Gary

"Michael was amazing throughout the process of buying our first home. We started our journey pretty clueless and needed to find our new home as soon as possible. Michael was extremely helpful in navigating the process of buying a home. He really listened to what we wanted, kept us updated on all the options as they came available, and was so flexible, available, and patient in showing us the houses we were interested in. He was always available and responsive to the many questions we had, kept us up to date through every step of the buying process, and worked seamlessly with our lender and the sellers agent to make to whole process go as smoothly as possible. We are so grateful and happy with our new home and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone!"

- Chris & Joanna

"I cannot recommend Michael enough! Michael provided the knowledge and support I needed in every step of selling my mother's home. He has built an excellent tool chest of support contacts to help with the preliminary inspection, painting, flooring and anything else needed to prepare the home for the very best showing. I wanted to have the home sold as quickly as possible, and he far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Michael as he treats everyone with patience and is always looking out for your best interest. My home was listed on a Thursday, I received many great offers over the weekend and the house was sold by the following Tuesday, far over the asking price. I would highly recommend Michael for anyone looking to buy or sell their home."

- Steve

“Michael was amazingly helpful. After my mom passed away he made listing and selling her house easy and painless. He was super available and very capable at explaining confusing things when they came up. Can’t recommend him enough!”

- Monica